2019 BYA winner: Excess 15

The Excess 15 is an interesting concept, aiming to bring a younger customer to the multihull market. The team behind the boat are multihull maestros Lagoon, who took their existing VPLP-designed Lagoon 50 platform and tweaked it significantly to produce an altogether spicier animal. Greater fun at greater speeds was the central tenet and to this end a bigger rig was added and the helming positions were moved outboard onto the sponsons. The result is dramatically altered performance and handling compared to her less sporty sister and we can testify that the Excess 15 is a joy to sail in strong breezes and noticeably faster in light breezes. The helm is more direct with sharper feedback than on many cruising catamarans. The manufacturers weren’t afraid to tear up the rulebook with the interior, either, and the result is a space that feels fresh, fun and youthful.