2019 BYA winner: Nacra 15 FCS

Intended as a pathway to the Olympic class of the Nacra 17, as well as a wickedly fun boat in its own right, the Nacra 15 FCS is the foiling version of the existing and very popular Nacra 15. Features include L-shaped rudder foils with the foil edge curving in, less likely to cause an injury in the event of a capsize or the crew coming off the boat. Nacra also offer a retro-fit package so that owners of the original Nacra 15s can have their boats made to foil. It’s a fast, lively boat that is not without its technical challenges, as Chris Rashley’s review in our November issue made clear. The right set-up is crucial for stability and safety. Nonetheless, it’s a boat that clearly chimed with vot